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Find out more about the Join the Band® program that’s right for you:

Music Lessons and Band Sessions for Teens & Kids

At Join The Band, you don’t just learn songs. You experience what it’s like to be in a real performing band where everyone plays a part in making it happen.

You rehearse in a professional quality studio under the guidance of a professional musician and experienced music teacher. Then you get to show off the results of all your hard practice at a real gig in a club in front of a packed house at one of our famous Join The Band Concerts.

* Most bands perform three songs. Depending on age and song level some bands will perform two songs. Advanced bands can opt for a four to five song seession.

Whether you’ve been playing for a while or just starting out, we’ll get you in a band that’s just right for you. We’ll hook you up with other musicians about your age and ability level. Your teacher (Band Leader) will guide you through our proven Join the Band System where you’ll learn great skills, including:

  • Playing well with others
  • Improvising and playing solos
  • Reading charts
  • Getting the right tone from the equipment
  • Practice and rehearsal techniques
  • Performing in Front of a Live Audience!

Music Lessons and Band Sessions for Adults

Join The Band offers an easy and comfortable way for adult musicians of all ages and skill levels to Join a Band, take music lessons and start performing.

Maybe you’ve played in bands before, but had to put that part of your life on hold for career or family. Or maybe you just don’t know anyone you can play with.

Join the Band will connect you with other musicians right around your skill level. Our rehearsal environment is welcoming, supportive and non-judgmental. The idea is to have fun, get better, and most importantly, to keep that inner rocker alive in you!

Your teacher (Band Leader) will guide you through our proven Join the Band System. If you haven’t been playing, your skills won’t just come back, they’ll grow far beyond where they were when you left off. But no matter if you’re rusty or you’ve still got your chops, Join the Band sessions and music lessons will help with:

  • Playing well with others
  • Improvising and playing solos
  • Reading charts
  • Getting the right tone from the equipment
  • Practice and rehearsal techniques
  • Performing in Front of a Live Audience!

Private Music Lessons

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Join the Band’s staff of experienced professional music teachers offer private, in-studio and home muisc lessons for guitar, bass, drums, voice, piano, brass, woodwind and stringed instruments. We seek out the most qualified teachers so we can offer you the best possible lesson experience.

Private music lessons provide students the fastest road to improvement and a more rewarding, enjoyable experience with their instruments. Our professional staff of music teachers are qualified to teach beginners through advanced level students in all styles of music.

  • Guitar lessons
  • Bass Guitar lessons
  • Piano lessons
  • Drum lessons
  • Voice lessons
  • Brass and Woodwind
  • Join the Band band classes

Special Programs & Workshops

Join the Band is about more than rocking out. We offer our Band Members the opportunity to learn about and play a wide range of styles for their musical growth. In addition to sometimes mixing it up with a jazz or classic blues number in our rock program, Join the Band offers a variety of programs to push your musical boundaries.

  • Digital Recording workshop: Hands on class with these popular formats. Pro tools, Logic and Garage Band.
  • Join the Band Professional Singers Performance Workshop: Pick your own songs and rehearse for a concert performance with a professional level band.
  • Join the Band Singer Workshop: Work with a group of Join the Band singers to prepare for your concert! We often hold these classes with young singers to prepare them for the band classes.
  • Join the Band Rock: All styles of rock from the Classics to Modern Day.
  • Join the Band Blues School: Learn from master Blues guitarist John Marx.
  • Join the Band Jazz School: Swing, Bebop, Fusion. From the basic forms of Jazz to the challenge of a burning Bebop tune, you can really hone in your chops in the Join the Band Jazz Bands. Great class for kids to prepare for their school jazz band programs.
  • Join the Band Funk and R&B School: Make it funky now!
  • Join the Band Tribute Bands: Dedicate a Join the Band class to your favorite band. Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Robin Trower, Heart, Allman Brothers, Weezer and more have been featured
  • Song Writer Ensemble: Bring in your own tunes and prepare them for a live show.
  • Chart Writing Class: Great musicians read music. Your rehearsals and sessions will run faster with a well-written chart.
  • Music Theory Class: Learn the fundamentals of music theory.
  • Improvisation Class: Get beyond licks. Learn how to create melodies in your solos.
  • Join the Band Guitar Chord Workshop: Get to know the names and how to use different chord forms.
  • Recording Workshop: Go home with your own CD. Call for details.
  • Other Specialty Classes: Sessions for other, specific musical styles are scheduled based on student demand.




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