"As soon as my daughter started this program, everything in her life changed,"

"She became a better student, she became a better person. Her whole life changed when she joined this program." 2006 Sun Community News Papers. Scott Sutphen. Malibu father of 15 yr old bassist Sage

Jacob RostovskyJacob Rostovsky

Every Tuesday night my life gets better. That's when my Join the Band band rehearses. No matter how I was feeling before I stepped into the rehearsal studio, I always feel unstoppable and extremely happy as soon as my feet touch the studio floor. Join the Band has completely changed my life. It's taught me how to be responsible, instilled my love of music and helped me to make wonderful and close friends. Ever since joining Join the Band my music ability has grown. I've gotten a lot better at drumming and I've learned how to read different kinds of music. I've made friends in Join the Band that I know I'll keep for a lifetime and my experiences will last with me forever.

Jacob has been with Join the Band for over three years now and has always shown the commitment to his bands and is always a fun team player. Never one to whine about a song selection Jacob will gladly take on any challenge from Join the Band. His help outside of class in promoting Join the Band and helping out with concert days makes a great candidate for our Team Player certificate.

Adam LevyAdam Levy

During a family trip to the circus, Adam’s parents remember how their four year-old son’s focus was not on the circus performers, but on the circus band. The following year, to accommodate Adam’s growing interest in music, his mom and dad signed him up for piano lessons. After the first music lesson, Adam told them that he wanted to play the drums instead. At his parent's insistence, Adam continued with his piano lessons, however, his fixation with the drums never let up and his parents finally gave in and bought him a drum kit. His dad says that as soon as he finished assembling the kit, Adam picked up the sticks and just started rocking. Later that week, a drum teacher stopped by the house to hear Adam play. His first question to Adam was to inquire how long he had been playing. When Adam replied, “Less that a week,” the teacher was shocked at how well he had grasped the basics of drumming in such a short period of time.

During a shopping trip at Pottery Barn, Adam's mother, Batya, was referred to Join the Band by the store's manager. Adam has been playing with Join the Band ever since (nearly three years now!), and is usually the youngest member in the band. In addition, he also performs with various Join the Band groups at festivals, schools, and other private events. Adam’s YouTube videos have received over 53,000 hits and he has received kudos from professional drummers worldwide.

"Join the Band has become so much fun...words cannot even explain it! We have played at clubs, the Knitting Factory, private schools; I even got to meet Pat Benatar at one of our shows. That was a real crazy Join the Band moment for me. I love Join the Band - it's great! John makes everything we do more fun!! Thank you, John; I can't wait until our next gig! - Adam Levy

Jake SchepsXanthe Scheps

For five solid years, Xanthe Scheps, 13, has been rocking in Join the Band. She started out when she was 8 years old, totally mortified onstage, singing songs like “Secret Agent Man” and “My Generation”. Since then, Join the Band has really helped her develop her musical expertise and made her much more comfortable performing for others.

Xanthe is a dedicated musician, and has been playing the piano since she was two years old. She loves playing in Join the band because she learns so much through playing a multitude of different songs. She enjoys every band and session she plays in, and loves playing with different people.

“Join the Band is an awesome program, and when you’re up onstage performing, the sense of fulfillment is incredible. I love the interaction in the program with other people, and I’ve met some of my best friends through Join the Band.”

Jake Scheps

Jake Scheps

Jake Scheps, 17 has been with Join the Band for the past five years. One of our most versatile students, he plays guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and has also been known to belt out a song in his big baritone voice. His music reading talents also make him a valuable Join the Band student as one of our Join the Band Team Players.

Jake made his Join the Band debut playing drums in the 32nd concert at Cozy's Bar and Grill in October of 2003. As we head towards the 60th concert at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, Jake reflects on what the past five years have meant to him.

"I started out with no band experience and had only been playing drums for a month before my drum teacher suggested I try the Join the Band program. Within a few sessions my skills had greatly improved and I had gained a lot of confidence in a band situation."

Since then, Jake has played guitar, bass and drums with many different Join the Band bands. He has played in community events as a Join the Band All Star, and in this last year became a Join the Band Team Player, helping out a couple of the younger bands.

"All this has really helped me grow as a musician. There is a great sense of trust in your band as you perform, which comes from knowing that you are well rehearsed. I love concert day. At the show when I watch the other bands play, I always want to be up there playing with them too!"

More Testimonials

My 13 year old daughter has been in JTB for almost two years now and she absoulutely loves it! We found that although she had a lot of friends who were taking music lessons, they were not that dedicated to forming a band and play on a consistant basis. My daughter is extremly dedicated to music and hopes to someday become a proffesional musicain and this program not only allows her the opportunity to work with great music teachers but to perform on stage at the end of each session (at a great venue too like "The Whiskey A-Go-Go). We had checked out several music band programs in person but JTB was definetly the best. We chose this program because they had a great facility and the owners, are wonderful people and create a great family atmosphere. My husband got a little jealous of his daughter getting to play on stage and now he does the adult JTB too!

Kathy Zielinski

Thanks so much.
Again, I must tell you how much your program has impacted my son. (David Gole)   For him to blossom like this after almost five years, from the shy silent bass player to singing "helter skelter", having fun with "don't fear the reaper" and asking to front a band.... Wow!!!!!!!!!!! You've provided a platform for him to grow and garner self-esteem in such a positive way. 

Bless you.
Rickie Gole

Hi John,
Thank you so much for your great Join the Band program - our family thrives on it! Now if only there was Join the Band for those college years!

Thanks again,
Debbie Scheps

Join The Band has been such a great experiance for my 13 year old son! It has allowed him the opportunity to build skills that go beyond just your regular music lesson. He has been able to practice in a great rehearsal studio, meet new musicans to play with, great band instruction, and they get to perform in venues that most of us grew up going to!! It teaches about team work and that practice and hard work lead to great success of their band! We are so happy that JTB offers this opportunity and are looking forward to keep on going with them!

Suzanne Gelfound

Dear John,
The concert was an amazing experience for Charlotte and for our whole
family. Thank you so much for a wonderful and well executed experience!

Colleen and Brad Bell

Hi John,
Thank you for offering such a well organized and fun situation for all these kids who really want to play. We enjoyed watching Garrison put his training into action and he loves telling people that he has "played" the Knitting Factory. Even his big brother who plays the bass can't say that! We wish you continued success with the program.

Best Regards,
Lisa and Gordon Goodwin

Dear John,

We hope all is well with you and your family. You'll be proud to know that Thanks Again to your mentoring and wonderful "Join the Band" program Justin has been accepted by all four of his chosen schools - Columbia College, Chicago; Manhattan College of Music; New School - Manhattan; and Bob Cole Conservatory of Music - Cal. State University, Long Beach. Once again we believe Justin benefitted enormously from you and your program. Thank You for all you've done and all you continue to do for musicians young and old.

Jeffrey , Laura, Corinn and Justin Kopczynski

Hey John
I have been having a great time in the Jumpin Blues Band. It’s really great to play with a band rather than by myself. It has been a great experience. I have learned so much already and think it will be a progressive experience for my love of playing and learning music.

Adam Sylvester Mattes

Good morning,
We wanted to thank you for the great experience our son, Alex Abramowitz, had this past session. He enjoyed working with the two other band members and Ryan was awesome. The performances at the Knitting Factory were fabulous and it was so well run. Thank you for your professionalism and great work with all the kids.

Thanks again,
Kristine and Matt Abramowitz

Just to remind you, at our last class Madison and I were telling you
what a positive atmosphere you create for your students, and how
evident it is when the whole group is together because everyone is so
supportive of each other. That's because you set the example! It's a
rare combination to find a great player and teacher.

Carol Jerome Guitarist

We've been to half a dozen Join the Band concerts in the past 18 months, each one
better than the last. Not only has Matt's musicianship improved
dramatically, but he's beginning to develop some stage presence. We've
invited a bunch of friends to join us in December. We're thinking that the
way things are going, you're soon going to need to find a larger venue.
Join the Band's a great concept. We're grateful for the opportunity to be part of it.

Matt Wilson's Family

Wooho!!!! I'm in the show.... Man.... do you have any idea how much fun you facilitate??? Good stuff, my friend... good stuff.
Greg Clark

Thanks for bringing out the best in all the kids.
See you in late summer.
Best wishes,
Peter Sheridan.


As a first time mom, thanks to Lizzy, I was amazed by the spirit and the professionalism of the children. This gig is so right for the children! Miki absolutely loved being part of it and told me "he liked performing on the stage with his band". You are right, we want them to play music, gain confidence feeling good about themselves and above all, have fun!

Thank you

Nina Katoni

John, You must be sorting through a gazillion emails after yesterday's concert. What Fun it was to see my Little Rock Star perform!
Thank you!

Great concert. You should feel proud of your program. The kids are really improving and the entire family enjoy the process. Plus, we are making great friends. Thank you and keep up the good work.
Fonda Saunders

Hi John:

We had so much fun Sunday watching all the bands and of course, in particular were mesmerized by my son's band, Go Johnny Go(Jake Chapman, etc). It was obvious that everyone was having a ball and very proud of what they were doing. I know my son and his band were ecstatic after the performance. They felt really good about what they'd done. They all had a sleep over at my house and had the best time. All in all, a great day
Karen Chapman

Dear John,

First of all, thanks so much for Sunday. The kids had a blast and so did the parents. We love Join the Band and are
telling everyone about it!

Elizabeth Baxter

Dear John and Ryan,
We wanted to thank you for arranging the band performance at Teague's
Bar Mitzvah. It was perfect!!! The band played better than ever. Teague
was so relaxed and happy. Everyone at the party was really impressed. And,
Teague's school friends were able to see this other (really cool) side of

Thank you for adding this wonderful dimension to Teague's party. It
made the experience all the more special.
Sincerely, Gloria and Richard


Just in case you are slammed at the party, I just want to get this note to you. We are still talking about what a great job you do and what a tremendous service you provide.

Thank you so much for working so hard to make the kids sound so good and feel so empowered. As a father of a kid that loves to play guitar and will do whatever it takes to see that he gets the most out of this experience, thank you.

David Applebaum

Thanks John!

I just wanted to also thank you for everything you've been doing for
all the kids in Join the Band, I know our band and especially myself have really
gotten a lot out of it. You've helped me through some hard times by
helping me stay with and love music and I just wanted to thank you for

See you Saturday

Jacob Rostovsky

Hi John,
Wonderful job yesterday, as usual. David had a great time, and loved
working with the musicians in his group. Join the Band has been a
wonderful opportunity for him to always have something to practice for
in his lessons and something to look forward to. It's great that he had
some really challenging material this time too. Thank you...for all the
hard work you do. We are looking forward to next session.

Winnie Hiller


This my son David's first time in a band playing in front of a group of people and he had a blast! Thank you for all your hard work and effort in keeping Join the Band going and thriving. Music entertains, educates, heals, amuses; and, most of all, it teaches us how to express ourselves. And yesterday, I saw lots of expression!

Thanks again to you and your staff for making this another fantastic experience for everyone!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.
Vicki Glicher


Once again, thank you for all you do. Julianna, Alex, Auberi and Kyle did great and Julianna only rolled her eyes ONCE!- see your paragraph about 'letting the audience know' below.

Julianna has improved exponentially in this past 1 1/2 years. I am hoping that this new school will not be too overwhelming for Julianna - for many reasons- and that she will come back to Join The Band.

Sincerely, Robin Meares

Hey John,

Wow, that was an awesome concert yesterday. Everyone had a good time, and I
loved the teacher spotlight. Can't wait till next session.

Thanks again.
I had a great time and I know the good times will continue.

Matt Saunders

Dear John,

Both Jay and I wanted to thank you for the great time Chris had this summer playing in the band SPF50.

He really enjoyed playing the music and I think it was the right amount of music to keep the group focused but also allow them to master the songs so that they had a good experience.

We were so impressed with how you pulled these kids( and all the kids) together. We could clearly see the confidence it gave them. Your professional guitar work made the band sound so polished and they are so lucky to have had that experience.

Liz Roewe

Thank YOU John!!! The kids love you and so do we! The level of musicianship couldn't be possible without your support and guidance! I totally agree that the last show kicked butt!!! See you on Saturday at the partay!!!

Huge Join the Band Supporter,
Lena Morgan

Hi John,

First, let me say that my face hurts from smiling, and my heart could explode with pride. What a great program you have created, both for the kids and for the parents. It was awesome to see my little rocker up there today...and there are some really talented musicians!

Jennifer Kurtz


Yesterday was great. It's incredible how far Jacob and the band have come in just two sessions. The songs you selected for this past session were far more complex than those from the Halloween show, and they really pulled it off.

There's nothing Jacob enjoys more than playing in the band, and I'm very thankful and appreciative for the program itself and your personal guidance. Not to mention the friendships that are forming. We had a really nice lunch with all the kids after the show, and it's clear that they enjoy each other's company.

Jeff Hirsch

Thanks for all that you do, John.

Yesterday's performances were GREAT.

Each session's performances outdo the previous ones. I was also extremely impressed with the Friday Night Live show.

Of course Jordan and Justin are interested in participating in next session.

Thanks again.

Caren Berg


As soon as my daughter started this program, everything in her life changed," She became a better student, she became a better person. Her whole life changed when she joined this program." 2006 Sun Community News Papers.

Scott Sutphen. Malibu father of 15 yr old bassist Sage.